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Our goal is to be the leaders in protecting property, assets and people in Western Australia.

We ensure to provide a personalised, cost effective service with 24/7 support for all of our clients. We aim to deliver second to none Security Services working in concurrent with ISO-9001 standards, National Code of Compliance & Fair Work Australia Compliance.

Mpire Security - Our mission is to be leaders in protecting property assets and people, leader in security management.

Our goal: To be the leaders in protecting property, assets and people in Western Australia - by providing quality-focused security services which consistently meet the needs and expectations of our client. Mpire Security provides personalized, cost effective, boutique security services with 24/7 support to all our client. Our security guarding, management, and electronic security services go beyond risk exposure reduction to becoming a service that adds value to our clients business operations.

Mpire Security utilizes established Quality management systems that have been developed in line with ISO-9001 standards to ensure we fulfill our company commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Our emphasis first and foremost is on service. Our security personnel are trained to operate independently. Our extensive security qualifications and experience provide our client "peace of mind". We pride ourselves on recognizing our clients' requirements, and our ability to adapt and address each unique client's requirements.

All our security personnel (field staff) and Operations Management (Operations Manager) have extensive years industry experience are highly trained, hold current security/crowd control licences through WA POLICE (Western Australian Police) and are committed to the philosophy of -
01. Exceptional service
02. Total professionalism - we believe that for a security company to offer boutique security services in Perth should offer nothing less than quality service.

MPIRE Security is committed to providing an environment which protects the health, safety and welfare for employees, contractors and visitors.

MPIRE Security believes that all injuries are preventable and is committed to preventing and reducing illness and injury in the workplace and to ensuring that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

With this policy we (MPIRE Security) are committed to:
  1. Complying with Occupational health and safety legislation.
  2. Developing, implementing and maintaining the OHS Management System.
  3. Consult with employees on matters that may impact their health, safety and wellbeing.
  4. Identifying, assessing and controlling risk to our employees, contractors, visitors and ourbusiness.
  5. Providing an effective injury management program.
MPIRE Security's management is responsible for:
  1. The resources to identify, assess and control OHS risks associated with MPIRE Security's activities.
  2. Safe systems of work and the effective implementation of policies and procedures.
  3. Safety information, education and training to all employees and contractors.
  4. Setting measurable OHS objectives and targets.
  5. Continued improvement of the OHS Management System and performance.
MPIRE Security's employees are responsible for:
  1. Performing all work duties in a manner that ensures their health and safety and that of other employees.
  2. Adhering to policies and procedures and participating in OHS training, consultation and initiatives to improve health and safety.
  3. Immediately reporting all hazards and incidents, including near misses to management.
  4. Contributing to the continued improvement of the OHS Management System.
MPIRE Security's performance:
  1. We will actively monitor and review our organisation's performance to ensure that we succeed in meeting our health and safety objectives.
  2. Management and employees of MPIRE Security are committed to resolving all health issues through consultation to ensure our business operations and workplaces and work practices are free from risks and health and safety.
  3. Immediately reporting all hazards and incidents, including near misses to management.
  4. This Policy has the total commitment of the Management Team and has been developed in consultation with the OHS Representatives and staff.

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