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SERVICES OFFERED : Static Security Officer

Specialized Guarding

A specially trained security officer performs services tailored to the needs of medium-sized and large businesses. This is our most frequently used service. A member of our Management team develops a tailor made solution for a wide range of clients that best suits their requirements and budget. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, since the services require customer knowledge and a close relationship.

Mpire Security Officer Personnel :

SERVICES OFFERED: Loss Prevention Security Officer Personnel

Loss Prevention: The objective is to maximize profits through reducing retail theft and shrinkage. At our Loss Prevention Division, we believe in assisting our clients to assess their existing systems and implement changes to reduce their loss in the following areas.

Although most large retailers have good systems in place to track and record shrinkage, they still need an ongoing physical security presence in the form of uniformed guards or store detectives.

Smaller retailers often have huge unrecorded shrinkage issues due to poor controls in accounts and stock handling. This requires a process overhaul and education, but is greatly beneficial in the long run.

Mpire Security is a one stop shop for Loss Prevention equipment, systems and staff. Experienced, trained professional's are a must,, but never more so than in Loss Prevention. Mpire Security provide Loss Prevention staff to some of WA's biggest retailers and have a detailed in-house program for what is one of Mpire Security's biggest earners by providing the following:

SERVICES OFFERED: Crowd Control Officer Personnel

Crowd control is the controlling of a crowd, to prevent the outbreak of disorder and prevention of possible riot. Examples are at soccer matches, when a sale of goods has attracted an excess of customers, refugee control, or mass decontamination and mass quarantine situations (disease outbreaks, bioterror attacks, etc.). It calls for gentler tactics than riot control.

All Mpire Security Australia personnel hold a current Western Australian crowd controllers licence. Every licence holder has had a background check by the Police before being issued with a licence.

All our experienced Crowd Controllers maintain / have completed the below listed training

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